About us


Authentic Hope company manufactures customized Garden furniture made of Scots pine wood and iron works.  Immerse yourself in this enchanting and diverse offering.

Deeply rooted in Estonian handcraft, our products transform gardens into special places for family, imagination and tradition. They are durable pieces of art that go in harmony with natural garden spaces. We are a family owned and operated company offering stunning designs in traditional & contemporary styles, our log furniture are functional and built to last a lifetime.

Our products are designed for businesses and families.

Working hand in hand with a registered civil engineer, we take special attention in meeting the European norms requirements. As a testimony of our originality we have applied and obtain registered community design on several products.  

Finally the brand Authentic Hope is a promise of quality construction and service.


Authentic Hope idea emerged  when my daughter first began to walk through our garden.

At that moment, my wife exclaimed:

“Why don’t we build a little log hut?”

(a small house made of wood)

Come see what happened next!!!

We hope that your wonderful fairy tale journey begins here with us!