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Getting a Building Permit

As part of the building permit process, your local or regional government must review your plans to ensure they comply with your area building code, local zoning by laws and other laws.

The process of getting a building permit varies significantly by region.

         Please ask for more details from your local building permit agency.


In order to ensure a long and safe usage of the hut, it must be erected on a durable base. A manual designed to assist you will answer many questions. It sets forth a clear understanding about the suitable foundation to use. The manual will be given with your signed contract.


Our logs are hand peeled using traditional tools. Each product is 100% handcrafted.

All our logs are Scots pine and come from Estonian forest. These forests are maintained, grown and managed by the State Forest Management center.

Wood Protection

We use a preventive treatment on our logs against insects, soft rot, blue stain and termite infestation.  It is a water based impregnation agent, which is (CTBP+) certified.  Consequently, it makes wood material safe for human health and the environment.

Additionally, we provide a wood stain protection upon request that can be painted on by the customer or by our team. We provide 6 colors choices. They are for reference only and are approximation of the true colors. The wood stain we propose has been awarded the “Blue Angel” mark, a certification for products that are environmentally friendly.

The stain is tested according to DIN EN 71-3, safety for toys and migration of certain elements. Finally, its safety for bees has been proven.


We use linen felt insulation, an environmentally friendly material. It is widely used for wooden houses and does not absorb or give up moisture.



Electrical lines are run through interior walls or through the logs themselves. Proper planning is essential so that all necessary lines are run as the hut is assembled.


Windows & Doors

Our craftsmen make our windows and doors from high quality timber and hand-forged wrought iron.  All our windows and doors are custom made. They are treated with wood preservative and can remain outdoors in any climate.



We offer two types of roof covering material:

Wooden roof: Eco-friendly, lightweight and durable.

Thatched roofs: Made of dry vegetation(water reeds), add charm to the huts, 30cm thick, especially eco-friendly.


The log shells are ready to accept the roof of your choice. The shells include: rafters, full roof boarding, wind slat, distance slat, roof battens (for thatch), Divoroll breathable underlay film and a fixing set (nails and screws). All the wooden parts will be treated with the preventive treatment.



To ensure proper installation, we recommend (or require) that only certified Authentic Hope professionals shall assemble the logs and install the structure. Our team member will travel to your location.


Project Duration

Typically it takes 8 to 15 weeks to complete the project from the time of the contract is developed. Down payments are requested at the time of the contract. The project duration also depends on the size and complexity of the order. 


Shipping of Materials & Construction site

The cost of shipping depends on the delivery location and the required means of transportation for this location. The construction site must have access roads for trucks. The foundation should be cleared away with a smooth ground.


 Individual Project

Each customer is unique for us. We strive for your complete satisfaction and will do our best to meet your needs. We build according to our customers’ interests and preferences. If our current products do not interest, we will gladly work with you to develop another one.


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