Hut “Lion”

* The internal surface area of ​​approximately 34m2  * Total height approximately 5250mm * Flooring: timber joist * Log size: 230-270mm round pine logs * Door: 2 glass doors 1000mm x 2000mm with wrought iron decorations

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*Two lanterns:   *Electricity:

*Preventive/curative treatment: insecticide, fungicide, anti-termites, anti-blue stain:

The processing time varies between 8 to 15 weeks depending on orders. Our Professional crew assemble most of our structures in order to adjust the logs correctly,safely and deliver quality work. Each product is 100% handcrafted,which makes them unique, we also use ecological, natural and sustainable materials. Scots pine tree used are FSC or PEFC certified, as part of a sustainable management of the forest.
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Front view
lôvi eest jpeg
Top view first floor
lôvi pealt
Top view second floor
lõvi II korrus